hospitality consultants

If navigating through the contract, hospitality industry were simple, life would be a lot easier.

After all, successful manufacturing is a journey in and of itself. Our unique product offerings and carpet consulting services turn choppy waters into smooth sailing.

So, ask yourself this…

Are you putting the sails in motion to maximize your companies specification of products with stronger performance?

Hospitality Consultant Services (HCS), a leading outsourced consulting partner and sales agency was created to help you.

1. Uncover problem situations where others can’t find them.

2. 2. Service you with unique/ value oriented products within the Carpet and Seating Markets.

Our network of contacts is invaluable. Our knowledge of the hospitality and carpet industry is priceless. Our capabilities cover the total spectrum servicing conventional hotel, casino, condominium, restaurant and other contract related environments.

And - most importantly - with us, it’s always personal.

Welcome to Hospitality Consultant Services

Welcome to hcs2help.com - the online home of Hospitality Consultant Services. Please browse our menu and review the manufacturers we represent, In carpet Lexmark, Fabrica and Brumlow are represented as well as our unique online carpet resource library Pride Carpets with over 2200 patterns covering many Niche and Quickship products as well as a huge selection of Stocked Carpet Specials. Seating, booth and table lines of Sandler, Shafer and Seating Resource are traditionally handled by Debi.

Enjoy our videos below on this page, and visit our companion website Pride Carpets dedicated to the latest in pattern carpets and specials for hospitality clients including Running Lines, Guest Room patterns,and CYP/Colortech.

Producing Tufted Carpet

Producing Solution Dyed Nylon and Polypropolyne